First impressions Silk’n Review- silky smooth legs for the summer :)

First impressions Silk’n Review- silky smooth legs for the summer :)

Having tried out various permanent laser hair removal methods, it was difficult to believe that this actually worked upon the first session. This at home laser hair removal machine is the Silk’n Pro Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal Device

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Being a ‘at home’ kit, Silk’n is relatively small in size, which is not only easy to store, but also straightforward to use. The instructions any salon or at home kit suggests to shave prior to using a laser for hair growth. Do not wax or epilate as this removes the hair from the follicle, therefore the laser has nothing to target. The Silk’n Pro uses a technology called HPL or home pulsed light, as opposed to other light based laser treatments which are used in salons. The HPL technology is FDA approved and therefore safe for at home use as the treatment is weaker than other laser machines. It works by targeting and destroying the root of each hair strand. HPL only targets hairs that are in an active growth phase, this is why multiple treatments are needed to eliminate all hairs.


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Having only tried it on legs and underarms, I can definitely see some results. I have done a total of two sessions on my legs and underarms. After the first session, I noticed a few patches where there were no hairs growing. In-between the first and second treatments, the hairs took a longer time than normal to grow. I could see that it was already working. Therefore I cranked up the energy one level higher (level 2) and proceeded with the second session. Two weeks after the second treatment, I noticed that the areas which previously had little/no hairs growing, seemed to get bigger. I have noticed a decrease in hair growth (the empty areas with no hair seemed to be more prominent and visible).


Have any of you had luck with at home laser machines? Comment below…