Keeping your handbags in top shape!👜

Keeping your handbags in top shape!👜

A fashion accessory loved by almost all women. Many of aren’t aware that handbags should be stored properly in order to preserve them, and prevent them from loosing shape. You wouldn’t want your expensive designer bag (or any special bag you may own!), which you probably spent hundreds or thousands of pounds on to loose its shape over time. Bags have been very dear to me, some have been passed down from my grandmothers and I love collecting all types; sizes, shapes and colours.  How I store and keep my larger bags in shape:  🙂

Things you will need:


Newspaper/bubblewrap/old t-shirts

Plastic shopping carrier bags

Photo 16-04-2015 18 32 41

I like to remove all my bags from my wardrobe and put them into one HUGE pile!

Photo 16-04-2015 18 22 23 (1)



Take each sheet of newspaper and lightly scrunch it up. Do this to the whole newspaper depending on how many bags you have.

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Stuff the appropriate amount of scrunched up new paper into a plastic carrier bag. (estimate the amount of paper you will need in each bag, you can always add or remove if necessary).

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Place the carrier bag containing scrunched up newspaper into a handbag. Don’t directly stuff the bag without using a plastic bag; newspaper ink will rub off onto your bag and damage it.

Photo 16-04-2015 18 35 28Photo 16-04-2015 18 36 29



Shape up the bag with your hands, especially push the corners out as they normally tend to turn inwards over time.

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Photo 16-04-2015 18 36 37


They may take up more space in your wardrobe/shelf, but they will never loose shape if you stuff them.

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Comment below if you would  like to see how I store my smaller bags, and clutch purses!

Its always nice to learn new ways to store bags. How do you store your bags?😊👜

Love Akruti x