Nurturing Tulsi

Nurturing Tulsi

Tulsi, not only considered holy, but also a few health effects; treatment of lung & heart disorders, and stress (only to name a few).

Photo 21-09-2016, 09 53 25

Tulsi shoots are extremely sensitive to extreme weather changes. Therefore, must be kept in a warm room, with lots of natural sunlight.

During  the winter months Tulsi growth will slow down, and leaves will wilt.  Do not be alarmed, love and nurture the plant through winter months and see it grow in spring.

These are very young shoots, and extremely sensitive when over-watered. Trust me, I drowned the shoots by over- watering!

The tulsi shoots can be reported in 1-2 months once they are strong enough. My preferred method is using compost.

Photo 13-09-2016, 12 10 39


Here are a couple of websites which I have used in order to look after and nurture the Tulsi




Nourishing eye make up remover

Nourishing eye make up remover

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After all those Christmas parties, and new years eve shenanigans, having worn all that make up can also be damaging to our skin. I feel it is also equally important to use a nourishing makeup remover that leaves you skin hydrated especially in the wintery months. It is easy to ruin your eyes, by rubbing excessively its makeup remover wipes, or cotton pads. This results in the delicate skin around the eyes become loose and causes premature wrinkling.


To try avoid irritating the skin around my eyes too much, i like to use a little bit of raw coconut oil on my fingers or on a cotton pad. Gently dab this onto the eyes (when shut of course), and swipe in a circular, but very gentle motion.


I find that this also removes water proof make up and leaves the skin around our eyes replenished. You don’t even need a night under eye cream as this does the trick.


I have also read on various pages that it also aids in reducing under eye dark circles. I am yet to test this theory out. If you have tried it and noticed a difference, do share your experience in the comments below.

Teezing your tangles

Teezing your tangles

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Having long, course, frizz-prone and wavy hair, I always dread brushing my hair after I wash it. Brushing out the waves, especially in the winter, leaves me with nothing but unhealthy looking, frizzy hair. Detangling my hair is my worst nightmare! With a regular hair brush,frizz every time i brushed out my hair, I would find broken hair on the floor because the brush bristles were too harsh and would take a very long time to remove all the knots.

I was extremely pleased to have discovered the Original Tangle Teezer in Plum Delicious. I found that it does not break my hair, and less hair falls out too. The best part: it is gentle and soft on the hair strands, and prevents my hair from becoming frizzy!

Photo 18-08-2015 12 29 45


The Tangle Teezer might look strange at first, for those of you who have not come across it before, it may look like a brush for pets. But I promise you, it is by far the best tool that has been designed for curly and frizzy hair. It works wonders on super curly hair too and somehow makes the hair soft and silky. The bristles are extremely soft in comparison to most regular brushes. It is light weight and also comes in a smaller size (Compact Styler), perfect for handbags and small travel cases.

Photo 18-08-2015 12 30 09

Most hairdressers advice against brushing your hair when it is freshly washed, as the hair strands are prone to damage as they are at the weakest when wet. It is also designed to be used on wet hair but as my hair is thick I let it  air dry slightly before using the Tangle Teezer to remove all knots. The Tangle Teezer glides through the hair, preventing hair breakage and fall out, and it is also painless. Yes those of you with curly or course hair know the struggle using a regular brush to remove knots in the hair, not only does it take forever, but also is very painful. With the Tangle Teezer, it takes less than half the time to brush your hair and is totally pain-free! There are currently 6 different types of brushes, each with a unique purpose, such as the Aqua Splash, designed for after swimming.


It was difficult for me to actually find any drawback for this product. I have to section my hair to brush it out as the bristles are shorter than regular brushes, but it worth the effort (I just section my hair). The Tangle Teezer does not have a handle like most regular brushes so it may take time getting used to. I personally would not really class these as drawbacks, as i did find ways to work around them.

Photo 18-08-2015 12 30 39

For £10.60 I would definitely recommend this tool as it saves a lot of time and pain when it comes to brushing those knots out of your hair!

Photo 18-08-2015 12 32 31

What are your thoughts on The Tangle Teezer? Have you tried any of the other types of brushes? Share your experiences below…

First impressions Silk’n Review- silky smooth legs for the summer :)

First impressions Silk’n Review- silky smooth legs for the summer :)

Having tried out various permanent laser hair removal methods, it was difficult to believe that this actually worked upon the first session. This at home laser hair removal machine is the Silk’n Pro Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal Device

Photo 30-07-2015 15 52 53

Being a ‘at home’ kit, Silk’n is relatively small in size, which is not only easy to store, but also straightforward to use. The instructions any salon or at home kit suggests to shave prior to using a laser for hair growth. Do not wax or epilate as this removes the hair from the follicle, therefore the laser has nothing to target. The Silk’n Pro uses a technology called HPL or home pulsed light, as opposed to other light based laser treatments which are used in salons. The HPL technology is FDA approved and therefore safe for at home use as the treatment is weaker than other laser machines. It works by targeting and destroying the root of each hair strand. HPL only targets hairs that are in an active growth phase, this is why multiple treatments are needed to eliminate all hairs.


Photo 30-07-2015 15 53 20


Photo 30-07-2015 15 53 32

Having only tried it on legs and underarms, I can definitely see some results. I have done a total of two sessions on my legs and underarms. After the first session, I noticed a few patches where there were no hairs growing. In-between the first and second treatments, the hairs took a longer time than normal to grow. I could see that it was already working. Therefore I cranked up the energy one level higher (level 2) and proceeded with the second session. Two weeks after the second treatment, I noticed that the areas which previously had little/no hairs growing, seemed to get bigger. I have noticed a decrease in hair growth (the empty areas with no hair seemed to be more prominent and visible).


Have any of you had luck with at home laser machines? Comment below…

Keeping your handbags in top shape!👜

Keeping your handbags in top shape!👜

A fashion accessory loved by almost all women. Many of aren’t aware that handbags should be stored properly in order to preserve them, and prevent them from loosing shape. You wouldn’t want your expensive designer bag (or any special bag you may own!), which you probably spent hundreds or thousands of pounds on to loose its shape over time. Bags have been very dear to me, some have been passed down from my grandmothers and I love collecting all types; sizes, shapes and colours.  How I store and keep my larger bags in shape:  🙂

Things you will need:


Newspaper/bubblewrap/old t-shirts

Plastic shopping carrier bags

Photo 16-04-2015 18 32 41

I like to remove all my bags from my wardrobe and put them into one HUGE pile!

Photo 16-04-2015 18 22 23 (1)



Take each sheet of newspaper and lightly scrunch it up. Do this to the whole newspaper depending on how many bags you have.

Photo 16-04-2015 18 33 41



Stuff the appropriate amount of scrunched up new paper into a plastic carrier bag. (estimate the amount of paper you will need in each bag, you can always add or remove if necessary).

Photo 16-04-2015 18 34 55



Place the carrier bag containing scrunched up newspaper into a handbag. Don’t directly stuff the bag without using a plastic bag; newspaper ink will rub off onto your bag and damage it.

Photo 16-04-2015 18 35 28Photo 16-04-2015 18 36 29



Shape up the bag with your hands, especially push the corners out as they normally tend to turn inwards over time.

Photo 16-04-2015 18 36 29

Photo 16-04-2015 18 36 37


They may take up more space in your wardrobe/shelf, but they will never loose shape if you stuff them.

Photo 16-04-2015 18 42 33

Photo 16-04-2015 18 41 39



Comment below if you would  like to see how I store my smaller bags, and clutch purses!

Its always nice to learn new ways to store bags. How do you store your bags?😊👜

Love Akruti x

Spring clean your make up!

Spring clean your make up!

As with everything, make up too can expire! Yes, as strange as it sounds, it is important to keep checks on make up and how long you’ve had it for. Using make up that may have expired can affect our skin as the chemicals in the products tend to change over a period of time as they have been exposed to oxygen, and microbes from the air around us. These are some of my top tips to keep your make up in check, and how often you should keep certain products. Eye and lip make up particularly is prone to contamination if you have shared it or let some one borrow it.

Start off by gathering all make up products, and arrange everything such that you have all lipsticks in one pile; eyeshadows in another, foundations in another… I’m sure you have got the hang of it now! 😉

Any opened products that you have had for over two years – chuck them straight into the bin!

Make up that has any musky or weird smells, that goes straight to the bin too.

Make up application tools such as brushes that may be falling apart; sponges and puff that are broken, throw them out too.

Liquid products that are runny or separated need to be tossed away. Liquid make up such as foundations tend to separate over time as the chemical compositions change, in oil based foundation, the oil separates into a separate layer from the other liquid.

For those colours that you may have purchased to match with certain outfits, but haven’t worn in over 6 months, dispose them. You haven’t used them and it is very unlikely that you will wear them again.

Avoid storing any make up or beauty products on the window sill or in the bathroom as the heat of the steam ruins make up.

Bobbi Brown suggests the following life spans for products that have been opened:

Cream cleanser – 1 year

Gel cleanser – 1 year

Cream moisturisers – 1 year

Oil-based foundations – 1.5 years

Water-based foundations – 1 year

Lipstick – 1-2 years

Mascara – 3-4 months

Powder – 2 years

Shadows – 2 years

Brushes – wash every fortnight if your using it on yourself. Make up artists need to wash/clean after every client.

Sponges – same rule as the brushes, but wash weekly if its personal use.

Having clean make up applicators prevents all those nasty break outs, and you will also notice that it will be a lot easier to apply the make up.

Get in there and spring clean your beauty products!

What are your make up/ applicator cleaning tips?

🌸Happy Spring Cleaning 🌸