Nurturing Tulsi

Nurturing Tulsi

Tulsi, not only considered holy, but also a few health effects; treatment of lung & heart disorders, and stress (only to name a few).

Photo 21-09-2016, 09 53 25

Tulsi shoots are extremely sensitive to extreme weather changes. Therefore, must be kept in a warm room, with lots of natural sunlight.

During  the winter months Tulsi growth will slow down, and leaves will wilt.  Do not be alarmed, love and nurture the plant through winter months and see it grow in spring.

These are very young shoots, and extremely sensitive when over-watered. Trust me, I drowned the shoots by over- watering!

The tulsi shoots can be reported in 1-2 months once they are strong enough. My preferred method is using compost.

Photo 13-09-2016, 12 10 39


Here are a couple of websites which I have used in order to look after and nurture the Tulsi





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