Nourishing eye make up remover

Nourishing eye make up remover

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After all those Christmas parties, and new years eve shenanigans, having worn all that make up can also be damaging to our skin. I feel it is also equally important to use a nourishing makeup remover that leaves you skin hydrated especially in the wintery months. It is easy to ruin your eyes, by rubbing excessively its makeup remover wipes, or cotton pads. This results in the delicate skin around the eyes become loose and causes premature wrinkling.


To try avoid irritating the skin around my eyes too much, i like to use a little bit of raw coconut oil on my fingers or on a cotton pad. Gently dab this onto the eyes (when shut of course), and swipe in a circular, but very gentle motion.


I find that this also removes water proof make up and leaves the skin around our eyes replenished. You don’t even need a night under eye cream as this does the trick.


I have also read on various pages that it also aids in reducing under eye dark circles. I am yet to test this theory out. If you have tried it and noticed a difference, do share your experience in the comments below.


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