Review: Wahaca Great Portland Street

Review: Wahaca Great Portland Street

Hi guys,

Nibbles: Guacamole with tortilla chips
Nibbles: Guacamole with tortilla chips


For those that know, I really enjoy Mexican cuisine as its refreshingly simple and spicy. I have grown to enjoy eating at this amazing Mexican restaurant in London, Wahaca. Co-founded by Thomasina Myers, an English cook, Writer, as well as TV food presenter, hosting her own show: Mexican Food Made Simple. Wahaca promotes healthy eating, as well as freshly preparing meals as they are ordered. As you walk in to the restaurant you can feel the vibrant atmosphere with a hint of fresh guacamole and salsa. The food is freshly made and can be seen in the finely selected leaves of the salad tortilla bowl. The use of fresh fruits and vegetables in their dishes stands out to the palette as every ingredient is carefully selected. Each dish is brought out as it is prepared, and they cater for people with dietary needs such as gluten free tortillas. I have always enjoyed going to this restaurant in London, it is fairly affordable, and I think you get a great value for money because of the fresh and simple ingredients used to create exciting food. The menu is somewhat like a tapas, where you order dishes that cost from £3.70- £5.25 from their ‘Street food’ selection. Their salads are one of my personals favourites from the ‘Platos fuertes’ section in the menu, where I order their Sonora salad with black bean & corn salsa, costing £7.50, which is perfect for sharing. It is a wholesome salad with lots of goodness found in the quinoa grains, pumpkin seeds, tossed in the black bean, that are filled in a fried tortilla bowl (the not so healthy part!). The flavours in this salad are tangy, and sweet, and just burst when u take a bite.


Cactus Taco
The Sonora Salad with black bean & corn salsa
The Sonora Salad with black bean & corn salsa


Their cocktails as well as non alcoholic ‘mocktails’ are reasonably priced, and pair well with all the dishes.

Hibiscus Mojito


Desserts… Ahhh my favourite part… it has to be Churros y chocolate: hot Spanish/Latin American dessert, made from a donut-like batter, sprinkled with a dusting of cinnamon, which you dip in a hot cup of chocolate… Heavenly!


Churros y chocolate


The staff have always been friendly and helpful, and I would recommend everyone to check it out. They have many chains across London!


These prices are based on my visit in September 2014.

Check out the website for more details

This is based on my personal experience, comment below and let me know yours…



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